[SPDK] nvme device with 0 default namespace

Joevanni (Bani) Parairo jparairo at nvxltech.com
Thu Oct 18 16:32:44 PDT 2018


Already filed issue in github.



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    I asked this question during the SPDK meetup with Jim regarding a bug(or feature) during nvme initialization when a target device has a "0" default namespace.

    in nvme_ctrlr_construct_namespaces, it only checks if nn==0 if nn != ctrlr->num_ns but proceed to  nvme_ctrlr_update_namespaces even if nn==0.

    Has anyone every tried this or am I just missing something here?

Hi Joevanni,

Could you file an issue on GitHub for this?  https://github.com/spdk/spdk/issues

I see some suspect areas now in the bdev_nvme driver – but let’s further the discussion in the GitHub issue.



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