[SPDK] spdk_blob_io_unmap() usage

Niu, Yawei yawei.niu at intel.com
Thu Oct 25 08:08:19 PDT 2018

    I tried to test spdk_blob_io_unmap() and didn’t get the completion callback (not sure if it because I didn't wait long enough), I checked SPDK source and didn’t see any test case of spdk_blob_io_unmap(), so I was wondering if the unmap is supposed to be executed as fast as blob read/write? Or it's not well supported for certain SSD model? BTW, spdk_blob_io_read/write() works well for me.
    My SPDK commit: 
    My SSD model:
    NVMe Controller at 0000:81:00.0 [8086:2701]
    Controller Capabilities/Features
    Vendor ID:                             8086
    Subsystem Vendor ID:                   8086
    Serial Number:                         PHKS7335003H375AGN
    Model Number:                          INTEL SSDPED1K375GA
    Firmware Version:                      E2010324
    Intel Marketing Information
    Marketing Product Information:		Intel (R) Optane (TM) SSD P4800X Series
    Namespace ID:1
    Deallocate:                  Supported
    Deallocated/Unwritten Error: Not Supported
    Deallocated Read Value:      Unknown
    Deallocate in Write Zeroes:  Not Supported
    Deallocated Guard Field:     0xFFFF
    Flush:                       Not Supported
    Reservation:                 Not Supported
    Size (in LBAs):              732585168 (698M)
    Capacity (in LBAs):          732585168 (698M)
    Utilization (in LBAs):       732585168 (698M)
    EUI64:                       E4D25C73F0210100
    Thin Provisioning:           Not Supported
    Per-NS Atomic Units:         No
    NGUID/EUI64 Never Reused:    No
    Number of LBA Formats:       7

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