List name Post address Description
Devel ACPICA Developer Mailing List
dffml-dev Data Flow Facilitator for Machine Learning Development Discussion
dffml-users Data Flow Facilitator for Machine Learning Users
DSD _DSD Discussion Mailing List
ell Embedded Linux Library
fMBT free Model-Based Testing
GraphBuilder A Java library for constructing graphs out of large datasets.
Hetero-streams Hetero-streams mailing list
Hyperscan Hyperscan regular expression matching library
iGVT-g Intel GVT-g is a full GPU virtualization solution with mediated pass-through, based on existing hardware. A virtual GPU instance is maintained for each VM, with part of performance critical resources directly assigned. The capability of running native graphics driver inside a VM, without hypervisor intervention in performance critical paths, achieves a good balance among performance, feature, and sharing capability. Our solution can be quickly applied to Linux-based virtualization solutions, e.g. for Xen implementation (a.k.a XenGT) and KVM implementation (a.k.a KVMGT). This thread is mainly used for user problem discussion.
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